Updating the Site


Apologies; it has been a while since I’ve posted much here or updated the calendar.

Spring was busy, and then summer was, well, summer, and this fall I was on research leave, and I didn’t check in with many of my routines. So here it is the end of December, and my last post was in February (!!!). I promise to do better from now on!

Over the almost-year since I posted last, I’ve been busy. I finished a book in the midst of Hurricane Florence, which should be out in late summer or fall of 2019. I’ve traveled to Greece (a selection of photos is forthcoming, and the image for the post is from there). I’ve set up some upcoming talks that I’ll be adding to the calendar. I’ve finalized a few articles, which should be out soon. All in all, it’s been a busy time!

I promise that I’ll try to do better, and you can look forward to some new posts soon!

Eric Smith